Mo-chan (kyoto_idol) wrote in lokisarmy,

How to redeem your Loki in one easy step!

What if… What if the reason he went around trying to conquer earth and telling humans they want to be ruled and all those shenanigans was because he was trying to convince someone that he wanted to take over the earth?

What if that someone was the Chitauri and he was trying to convince them that Midgard was worth taking over, because he didn’t want them trying to take over Asgard?

What if he was deliberately taking the party to the humans because otherwise some evil bionic aliens might have figured out that crashing the Asgardians’ party might be good fun? What if that’s what they really want to do and he just had to stall for time, and he had to make a choice between wasting a few human lives and letting them lead a surprise attack on the realm eternal?

What if everything he pulled in Avengers was the grand act of a trickster—not out of mischief, but out of desperate loyalty to his home, even though that home was a lie?

…I don’t know how much water that holds, but I woke up from a nap with it in my head and wanted to get it out. I also posted this on tumblr but I don't have a lot of followers over there interested in Loki discussion. Ehehe.
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