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Loki's Army.

Fan Community for Marvel's Loki Laufeyson

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Loki Laufeyson Fan Army
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Fan community for Marvel's Asgardian Villain, Loki Laufeyson
Still under a bit of construction, but now open!

"This isn't mischief. This is mayhem."

Welcome to the first Livejournal community dedicated to Marvel's much-loved and much-discussed, off-again-on-again villain, Loki. Based on the Norse deity of the same name, Marvel's version of the character is a complex, dark, disturbed, and downright entertaining figure who is constantly scheming and causing chaos in both the Marvel cinematic universe and the immense world of Marvel comics. Whether you're a movie fan, a comics fan, or both, if you love Loki, we invite you to join and participate in this fan community. 

You were made to be ruled...

"When I said I was an Asgardian God..."
(or, What You Can Post)
1) Introduction posts. These are NOT required, but if you do make one, please let us know what you like about the character (or bring goodies; that's okay, too!)
2) Fanworks such as fanfiction, fanart, fan soundtracks, icons, layouts, character essays, etc...
3) News on movies, books, merchandise, and so on.
4) Movie/comic discussions.
5) Posts that can help spread the fandom. Do you have a good list of comics that involve Loki for those interested in giving them a try? What about a dozen great fanart websites? A fanfic rec. list? All of these are welcome.

"...they called me a troll!"
(or, What You Cannot Post)
1) Flaming, trolling, spamming, baiting, fighting, off-topic posts, and all that good stuff that Loki himself would probably enjoy.
2) Excessive character bashing. If you're here, you probably love Loki, but you also may well hate another character. Feel free to express your distaste, but please do so in a civilized and on-topic manner.
3) Along those lines, please resist from posting one-or-two-liner fan-flailing.
4) Posting work that is not your own without crediting the original creator.
5) Advertising for RP communities without a mod's approval.

- And above all, be respectful to one another here. -

Other Notes:
When posting your (optional) introduction, please use this model:

When posting fanfiction, please use this model or one similar to it:

When posting fanart, please use lj-cuts. When posting FSTs, please F-lock the post and/or only offer the download link via private messages. When posting icons, please post a minimum of eight. If you don't have enough, wait until you do!

"Will thou swear fealty to none but Loki?"
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LJ layout code and profile code by x_erikah_x; header art by Koroa (also known as Feeriedoll). Profile art by Serrifth, trans by Starr.

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